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Gracie Diet - Eating Well is Jiu-Jitsu

When it comes down to healthy eating, it seems there’s more food for thought than the average brain can digest.The list of fad diets, meant for losing weight and a having a longer life, such as the Dukan Diet, Hollywood Diet and Atkins is endless and can cause a lot of stress to newcomers. However, all these fad diets share the lack of stamina that makes a person skip to the next big thing as soon as they get tired of it. Thinking of this, after 65 years of research and dedicated studying, the Great Master Carlos Gracie came up with the Gracie Diet, based on food groups and their combinations. An eating method that that is still in the peak of success after many decades.

Carlos Gracie believed in the power of food to protect the body, enhance immunity, and prevent diseases. He always had a healthy mentality and incorporated that into his family’s eating habits, making them understand the connection between nutritional and physical performance. Due to the nature of the Gracie Challenge, in which martial artists of all styles were invited to test their skills against Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, family members had to be capable of defending the clan’s honor at any given time. And even though Master Carlos Gracie wasn’t a professional nutritionist, he knew that a poor diet would inevitably lead to poor performance on the mat.

The Diet

The Gracie Diet consists on separating the foods properly within a meal so that your digestive system can work through and easier digestion. Nonetheless, the key to success within this diet is the combination of foods the individual will have in one sitting.

“It is ideal for the average person, since it allows the consumption of virtually anything. The main difference is how you combine the foods within each meal.” - Rorion Gracie

The diet is separated into 6 different food groups ranging from Group A to Group F:

The diet is tough, consisting of three meals a day, 4.5hrs apart with absolutely no snacks in between. Ultimately, by making the right combinations, problems on the digestive system or that may occur during digestion can be prevented, having a positive effect on weight control and health in general. Also, besides combining foods for your meals, the Gracie Diet recommends fasting one day a month and acquiring the habit of eating until you’re 80% full. It might seem like a hassle at first, but Rorion Gracie, who has written a specific book for beginners, assures that all this information will become second nature with the given time.

Rorion insists that even though the diet has no official scientific endorsement, there are literally thousands of Gracie Diet practitioners across the world who are testament to its worth for their health and longevity.

“I am so confident of the benefits from the diet that if I had to choose between my knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu or my diet, I would choose the diet!” - Rorion Gracie

You can purchase the kindle edition or the paperback version of Gracie Diet: The Secret of the Champions, with an entire chapter on detox and how to improve your immune system and some new and delicious recipes made specifically for this book by Italian Chefs !!

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